As a regular consumer of our Business Moves division, a client of ours enquired about us completing an office furniture installation for them. We captured their project requirements and completed a first installation for them at their office in Birmingham in October.

Preceding the relocation leg of the project, we were onsite for three days managing the deliveries of new furniture and placing it into the correct rooms/locations.

Adrian Brownlee, Specialist Delivery Manager at Johnsons, oversaw the project from inception. His furniture distribution management was pre-defined by the client in the form of CAD drawings, ensuring everything was in place for ease of build and installation.

Working with the set-up of over 140 desks, plus meeting room furniture (board tables, shelving, chairs), dining room areas and soft seating, Adrian said of the project “the receipt of such high quantities of furniture had the workings to be overwhelming, but by predefining their locations throughout the building, we were able to manage the distribution quite easily. Once in their rooms, we allocated space for each item to be built and I provided each member of the team with a specific task to ensure everything was built in placed within the timescales.”

The design of the office was inspired to create an atmosphere of calm and collectiveness by hosting a theme of soft pastel colours and a plethora of greyish tones. The space atones the calamity of the city streets and enables the employees to work in a composed atmosphere.