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In October, Overbury enquired about a furniture installation at its office in Birmingham. Having utilised the services of our Business Moves division for a number of years, our provision of a complete turnkey solution was appealing.


We provided them with a service preceding the relocation which saw our teams implement the following: 

Receipt and stock management of furniture

Distribution of items over multiple floors

Placement and build of office furniture and ancillary items

Working with the client during the planning stages of the project, Johnsons encouraged a CAD drawing to be provided to pre-define furniture placement and enable our Specialist Delivery Manager to seamlessly guide the distribution of goods.

By planning the location of individual items beforehand, the Specialist Delivery Manager was able to control the project with care and integrity from inception through to completion. His furniture distribution guidance, lead in the form of the CAD drawings, ensured everything was placed into the correct rooms/locations for ease of build and installation by his team.


Adrian said of the project: 

“The receipt of such high quantities of furniture had the workings to be overwhelming, but by predefining their locations throughout the building, we were able to manage the distribution quite easily. Once in their rooms, we allocated space for each item to be built and I provided each member of the team with a specific task to ensure everything was built and in place within the timescales.”

The team were onsite for a total of three days and achieved the furniture integration within the required time frame, much to the acclaim of the client.

Past projects

We work with dedicated experts across the Johnsons1871 group to provide everything from project inception through to removals, storage and installation.

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